Here are some projects I've been working on recently.


Design | Marketing

Iris is a discovery engine for people's ideas that connects you with your favorite topics. By importing your existing WordPress and Blogger sites, Iris networks all of your articles and imbues each post with context. By leading the design and marketing ops, I helped re-brand the product's identity and collaboratively re-designed the landing and internal pages.

Specially built with Django, SASS, and jQuery UI. Responsive and mobile‑friendly.

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apilgbtpride apilgbtpride


Operations | Design | Branding

In collaboration with the A&PI Wellness Center in SF, I completed the project in half the time expected (3 months vs. 6 months) all while launching a rebranded and responsive home for A&PI Pride 2014.

Specially built with PHP, SASS, and jQuery. Responsive and mobile‑friendly.

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Operations | Design | Content

KPOPCON is a national K‑pop convention I founded in Berkeley in 2011. Its wonderful community has been an enormous source of inspiration for me, prompting me to pick up my first web project in early 2014.

Specially built with PHP, SASS, and jQuery. Responsive, mobile‑friendly, 84 | 94 PageSpeed score, and #1 rank on Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo.