Peer Education with Pride

Want to help create a fun and safe Pride for other Asian and Pacific Islander guys? Dive into the PEP Squad: a 10-meeting community leadership series focused on health education... and get $100!

A&PI Wellness Center and A&PI LGBT Pride are searching for Asian and Pacific Islander guys to help with organizing our Kickoff events, Parade contingent, Stage performances, and Pavilion booths. Since 1998, the A&PI LGBT Pride Week during San Francisco Pride has been the largest of its kind. Our goal is to increase access to health screenings and HIV health education for the A&PI community while putting together this iconic event. Over the series, you will:

  1. Develop community outreach and networking skills
  2. Learn how to plan and put on large events for A&PI Pride
  3. Learn how to work with other community organizations and representatives
  4. Learn how to have impactful conversations about HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C

Participants who complete the series are eligible for $100 dollar Visa gift cards.

Meetings are held every Wednesday, 6-9 PM, at the A&PI Wellness Center, 730 Polk St, San Francisco, CA. The meetings will run from Wednesday, April 23rd, to Wednesday, June 25th.

If you want to help out, contact John Guigayoma at [email protected] or call (415) 292-3420 x 325.